I’m Felix, an adventurous young man, who has jumped from city to city, with a passion for personal development as well as aspiration to develop my  professional skill set. 

I’m currently working for Internetstores GmbH as a Social Media Manager in Berlin

I wrote my master thesis about „The importance of brand communities for product launches in the bicycle industry. A qualitative analysis based on the brand BMC Switzerland.“ 

If you would like to learn more about my mission, you’re in the right place.  


M.Sc. sport, business & law

current position: Manager Social Media @ Internetstores GmbH


Social Media

Brand Communities

Athlete care


all kinds of outdoor activities

love riding bikes

wannabe triathlete


Felix has a great character who exactly knows what he wants.

"His work has enriched our team!"

He has stood up for his colleagues and has always been positive.
Marco Voigt
Felix is a young and talented fast growing professional. He works well organized, has excellent social skills and communicates in a very special way which finds its balance between clear business talk and a great way of friendly personality.

"Felix is a great companion!"

While working together he tried to do his best with all his tasks and gave good input when you asked for. Great personality, workflow, and attitude.
Jonas Boltze
Content Manager, BLACKROLL AG (2018)
Felix is a motivated, forward-thinking and enthusiastic young man with a lot of knowledge in his field. His personal and professional development has been impressive and I cannot wait to see him flourish in his first post grad job.

"His values and mindset are probably what sets him apart from most other people you're going to meet."

Felix is the type of person that will go above and beyond, not because it's the right thing to do - to help someone, a team or a company. I can't recommend him highly enough.
Jan-Kristof Honhold
Director, Partnerships & Business Development, Viacom
Felix Rähmer worked very conscientiously and independently during his six-month internship in Audi Sports Communication.

"He impressed with his confident manner, but was also a team player and actively sought contact with others."

He was very loyal and cultivated very good relations with colleagues and customers (journalists).
Dr. Elke Bechtold
Communications Sports, Audi AG