Athletic background

From a very young age I was completely enthralled by and engaged in sports. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to try my hand at many sports ranging from gymnastics, to swimming as well as athletics. However, there is no doubt in my mind, that football shaped me during my formative years. I could better navigate the ball than I could my own two feet in front of me. I couldn’t separate myself from the sport and was utterly content, just me and the ball. From the local football club, I progressed from to the B-youth Regionalliga North-Northeast. As far as I knew, I was on track becoming a professional footballer.

Simultaneously, I worked hard for the opportunity to change to Flatow-Oberschule, which was the school of 1. FC Union Berlin. This training regime required me to dedicate 2x morning and 4x evening training sessions per week. Similarly, the weekend consisted of games and strength training. Eventually, the constant load to my body caused me to obtain various injuries which resulted in my inability to complete the season. I was completely devastated and couldn’t imagine a future without doing the thing I loved most. Another future pathway wich didn’t involve playing football, seemed obsolete at this time. The unthinkable had happened and I had to somehow move forward in order to forge a new future plan.

This experience taught me a valuable lesson; that we must listen to our bodies and treat them with care, and in return, they will provide for us and enable us to optimize our existence. After this, I changed schools and concentrated on the Abitur, with one clear goal in my mind; to gain admission to the German Sports University of Cologne. I trained hard to get back into shape as well as mentally prepare myself for the new challenge I had to set. In April 2012, it was time to go. This time, I achieved my new goal and realized I could be just as happy as long as I was giving 100% of my passion and commitment to what I was doing.

During my studies I tried many new sports: Paddle, bouldering, spikeball, SUP. 

My main sports are cycling, running, (swimming) = triathlon, football and climbing. 

Over the years of moving around sport was the door opener no.1. Thanks to sports I experienced such wonderful moments e.g. when you can not communicate verbally you just throw a ball up in the air and everything else is forgotten. Among other things, that’s one of the reasons why I love what I do & I do it with passion and love.

Next challenges

- Ironman 70.3

- half-marathon sub 100 mins